This week I've been playing with a new toy - the recently launched Polaroid 300 camera. With it, you can take instant photographs just like the ones your parents took, but as I've discovered the quality is even better since there's an inbuilt flash and four scene settings so each image is picture-perfect. Snapping away is surprisingly addictive and so straightforward, that the Polaroid 300 would be great fun at weddings. While your professional photographer captures images for your formal album, why not enlist an amateur camera crew of bridesmaids and ushers to document your reception revelry firsthand, then immediately post the results. Leave a basket of instant film as well as a large pin board and pins for displaying the photos. Ask the wedding party to take the lead, but then get the other guests involved. After the wedding , you can transfer the snapshots into a hard backed book, try - Kiki James or Aspinal of London - so that you have a wedding reception momento, and no doubt a few giggles too if you've captured some late night moves on the dance floor! Polaroid 300 £79.99, 10 pack of Polaroid 300 instant film, £12.99, both available from John Lewis.