Having worked in the fashion industry for over 20 years, producing catwalk shows for top designers and labels, Elizabeth Walshe moved into wedding planning after she planned her own wedding in 2016 and loved ever minute of it. Offering a friendly and bespoke wedding and event planning service, Elizabeth brings her incredible eye for detail and effortless elegance to all of her events. Wondering how she does it, we quizzed Elizabeth on her job and what goes into planning the perfect wedding.

1. The Elizabeth Walshe motto is …

"Stay Calm" I am well known for always smiling and remaining calm; there is no problem that can't be solved or at the very least put right. My secret is to always be extremely organised so that if a problem arises, I am ready to deal with it!

2. Four things you can't produce a wedding without…

A concept, a budget, a checklist and a timeline.

3. What has been your career highlight to date?

Producing Beyonce's first ever catwalk show in London

4. The best wedding we ever produced was….

Having recently got married, I would have to say my own because I loved every second planning our day and it inspired me to expand my fashion events company into wedding planning.

My husband and I are both born and bred in London and so that became our wedding theme for the day. Our wedding invitations incorporated beautifully hand drawn maps of London illustrating the route from where we were married at Farm Street Church in Mayfair to the ICA on the Mall where we held our reception.

I wanted the reception to feel like we were in an English country garden in the middle of London so we filled the ICA with beautiful white hydrangeas, peonies and roses - we even designed and included an arbour and a love seat. The iconic British designer and stylist, Kate Halfpenny, designed my wedding dress; it was stunning and I felt incredible! It really was the most wonderful day!

5. When planning a wedding, always be mindful that…

This is your day! Decide on what you want and stick to the plan, you can't please all of the people, all of the time. Make a list of what's most important to you and don't be persuaded to go off track.

6. Who is your favourite person to follow on Instagram and why?

It has to be Brides Magazine! I am passionate about weddings and Brides Magazine is always full of such inspiring articles and pictures.

7. Our dream celebrity /'it girl' to plan a wedding for would be…

Emma Watson, I love her style! She is chic, unique and a little quirky. She recently quoted Jean Cocteau in an interview saying "Style is a very simple way of saying complicated things." She is a firm believer in gender equality and has been appointed as a UN Women's Goodwill Ambassador. I think she is great role model for young women and that's something I am also passionate about.

8. What does wedding style mean to you?

Your wedding style should reflect your own personal style. It is not so much a theme as a concept and it is important to conceptualise the event so that it looks and feels cohesive. Once you have decided on the style of the day then stick to "the bigger picture" and eliminate anything that doesn't fit. But remember you don't have to be too literal and can choose the essence of an idea as opposed to obvious choices, making it feel less themed, but well thought out; for me wedding styling is all in the detail.

My favourite trend this season is transparency. I have always been a huge fan of glasshouses they make stunning reception spaces. You can also hire marquees with transparent ceilings. Glass and acrylics can be used as stationary, welcome signs and seating plans. I would then add beautiful glassware to the table setting.

10. How do you see the Royal Wedding being styled?

I think it will be classically beautiful, full of grandeur with all the usual pomp and ceremony, but with a modern twist that will personify Meghan's style.

11. Do you have a signature aesthetic or personal style that you put into the weddings you've planned?

My personal style is contemporary and elegant; my aim is to make weddings look effortlessly beautiful. I have a keen eye for detail and love to add in a twist. I enjoy creating magical moments, I like to tell a story throughout the wedding day and then make sure those moments are captured within creative settings making beautiful memories, which will last forever. Having worked as a stylist and a show producer for many years I know exactly how to style the bride, the venue and the event to create a unique wow factor for each couple that I work with.

12. What's your favourite part of your job?

Conceptualising the event and bringing all the elements together so that every detail is in keeping with our concept. As a producer that's exactly what I have been doing for over 20 years. It is my job to keep everyone involved on track so that the big day looks and feels as stunning as the bride and groom hoped and imagined it would.

13. And the worst?

Packing up and de rigging once the party is over, it's a service that I offer so that the bride and groom can leave their celebration without a care, but by that stage all I really want is to go home and have a cup of tea or a large glass of wine!

14. And finally, what's next...

We have lots of different events on the horizon and it is this eclectic mix that keeps us inspired and a little different to your average wedding planner. We offer a completely bespoke service: full or partial wedding planning or we can simply style and design the day. We also offer personal styling sessions to help brides find the perfect dress. We are talking to a number of newly engaged couples and are super excited to start planning their special days, but couldn't possibly reveal any of their closely guarded secrets ….