Wedding thank you cards may not be the most fun part about getting married, but they are an essential task you should have on your to-do list. So once you've tied the knot, enjoyed the honeymoon and opened your gifts, here's everything you need to know about thanking your guests.


Invest in stationery

Even if you sent paperless invitations, it's important to mail thank you cards to all of your guests, to show you have gone that extra effort to thank them. To get you in the mood, be sure to buy nice stationery and pens. Most wedding stationery designs will offer matching invitations and thank you cards. Alternatively, it can be a nice keepsake to have a photo from the wedding on the card (see image).

Hand-write your notes

It can take you a long time, and yes your hand may get sore, but it's not often people hand-write notes anymore, which gives your thank you notes extra meaning. People will really appreciate the time and effort you took to write them.

Keep track of which guests gifted you what

The last thing you want to do is spend time thanking your uncle for the gift that your colleague actually gave you. To keep track, we recommend writing down (or better yet, keeping a spreadsheet) of all the gifts you receive, when you received them, who they are from and their postal addresses. This part of the wedding thank you card admin may take you the longest so it's good to try and sort it in advance.

Don't wait to send them

Top wedding experts recommend sending your wedding thank you cards out no later than three months after receiving your wedding gifts. To make sure you stay on top of them though, it's best to write them soon after you receive them, this way you avoid having your thank you card wedmin pile up, or worse, completely forget to send them at all.

Personalize each card

To avoid repetition (and preserve your sanity), each thank you card should be unique to each guest and reflect the relationship you have with them. Make sure to thank them for their gift by specifically mentioning the gift and what it means to you. If a guest has given you money, talk about how you plan on spending it. Also don't forget to thank them for attending your wedding - their presence is a present in itself.

Keep them short

Thank you cards don't have to run through every detail of the wedding, nor waffle on about the gift received or honeymoon taken. Instead, keep them short, sharp and personal.

Share the work load

There may be someone in the marriage that has neater hand-writing than the other, but don't let that mean they're the sole thank you card writer. Sharing the task will ensure everything gets done faster.

Don't forget your wedding party

In case you haven't already, you'll want to make sure you send extra-special thank you cards to your wedding party including your bridesmaids, groomsmen, ushers, parents and your officiants.

Wedding thank you card wording examples

Sample 1: Gift from close family member

Dear Susan and John

Thank you so much for coming to our wedding, and for the beautiful Champagne flutes you gave us. This is our first set of grown-up glassware, which as I'm sure you know, we will make great use of it when we host dinner parties.

We would love to have you over to try them out soon.

Lots of love

Claire and Ben

Sample 2: Money gift from close friends

Dear Megan and Simon

It was so lovely to see you at our wedding. We cannot thank you enough for flying all that way to see us. And even though your presence was enough, we really appreciate your gift as well. We will be sure to put it towards our up-coming holidays where we'll hopefully be able to come visit you soon.

Much love

Claire and Ben

Sample 3: Group gift from friends

Dear Charles

We hope you had a great time at the wedding. It was so much fun dancing with you till the wee hours. Thank you so much for the restaurant voucher. You, Tony and Katie clearly know us and our stomachs very well.

Best wishes

Claire and Ben