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The Wellness Trends Brides Need To Know About

As the founder of Hip & Healthy, Sadie Reid, has her finger on the high-tech pulse of the wellness world. Here she shares her pick of the latest and greatest wellness trends that will give you the glow you need for your wedding and beyond...

09 Feb 2019

Stream Your Workouts

Between work, wedmin and wedding dress fittings, getting to your favourite fitness class can be, understandably, a struggle. But worry not, as one of this year’s hottest trends is perfect for a busy bride-to-be: live online workout classes streamed straight into your living room. Here are few of the best to try on your own timetable:

Barrecore: is one of the first London fitness studios to live stream their classes from any device. With a celebrity fanbase that includes Jourdan Dunn, Rita Ora and Poppy Delevingne, this will become one workout you’ll want to squeeze in. Using expert teachers to help you tone and lengthen muscles, reduce body fat and improve your overall physique, these dance inspired workouts can be done 2 to 4 times a week for quick and lasting results that your body and mind will thank you for.

ClassPass: If you like your workouts slightly more varied then try downloading the new ClassPass app. A fitness subscription service that connects you with over 10,000 studios worldwide, the app has the ability to stream over 100 partner videos straight to your Apple or Android device.

Fiit: For a fitness class with your favourite instructor on demand, download the Fiit app. Not only does it connect with your TV at home, you get to pick from a variety of trainers and an array of workouts – so there truly is something for everyone.


It’s a known fact that planning a wedding can be stressful even at the best of times. If you are prone to anxiety (wedding anxiety is definitely a thing), then there might be a new oil on the block that is just for you. CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is one of the many compounds found in marijuana and hemp. But don’t worry, CBD is not psychoactive and won’t leave you feeling high as a kite whilst figuring out your seating plan! Instead, this naturally sourced ingredient is intended to make you feel calm and clear-headed, and can be used with no major side effects.

There’s also some evidence to suggest that CBD can even prevent the breakdown of a chemical in the brain that affects pain, mood and mental functions, therefore reducing pain and anxiety. To try it, the legal oil is increasingly being added to our favourite smoothies, body lotions and can also be taken as a supplement to improve your general health.

LIIT is the new HIIT

When you do get the time to workout, not every session has to be high intensity to see the results you want. Which is why LIIT is increasingly becoming the new HIIT. Low Intensity Interval Training (LIIT) consists of intervals of exertion followed by intervals of rest. By removing the element of impact, LIIT can lower the risk of injury and boost the awareness of how we move our bodies. By increasing the time that your muscles are under tension for, (e.g. lowering into a squat position will intensify the stress your muscles are under), muscles can become leaner and stronger without needing to huff and puff through a fast and hard HIIT class.


If you like the idea of meditation, but struggle to really get into it, breathwork maybe a better option for you. More active than meditation, breathwork involves breathing in a more conscious way via different breathing exercises. From managing chronic illnesses to relieving stress, increasing your natural energy, and promoting relaxation, calmness and clarity in the mind, breathwork is ideal for brides to try in the lead up to their wedding day.

Not sure where to begin? Consider trying a guided breathing class or workshop with ‘The Breath Guy’, Richie Bostock, who has seen some incredible results with his breathwork meditation, deep-dives and everyday breathing awareness. Check out his recommended breathing technique for brides to try the morning of their wedding.

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Self-Care Sundays

Self-care Sundays are a great way to show yourself a little love by doing something that your mind and body will thank you for. Whether it’s sleeping until midday, running a hot bath, doing some yoga, reading a book, meditating or going for a walk whilst listening to a podcast, Sundays are for doing whatever makes you feel good. And if the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Gisele Bündchen, Jennifer Aniston and Emilia Clarke are telling us how important their Sunday selfcare rituals are, then who are we to disagree?

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Hormone Tracking

Tracking your hormonal fluctuations and cycle length is something to get on board as we discover more and more just how intrinsically linked our hormones are to our overall health. Besides the benefits to knowing when your last period was and your cycle regularity for fertility reasons, monitoring your menstrual health and hormones can also show early indications of other health issues such as PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and diabetes.

Many women who suffer with hormone imbalances present a range of symptoms, but hormone profiling can help in diagnosing conditions such as growth and reproductive disorders, loss of fatigue, weight changes and skin conditions like acne, as well as ensuring your energy and mood levels are all operating at optimum levels and you are a happy healthy bride. Tracking your hormones has never been easier too with over 10,00 different period tracker apps now available for every smartphone.


Ayurvedic medicine may be one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems, but it is only just now emerging as a popular wellness trend in the UK. Ayurveda (for short) was developed over 5,000 years ago in the Vedic culture of India as an offering of wisdom designed to help people balance the dynamic integration between environment, body, mind and spirit. This tried and tested practice is still the only system of healthcare in some parts of India. Simply translated as ‘knowledge of life’, Ayurveda traditions use your unique set of physical, mental and spiritual characteristics to help treat and manage chronic conditions, dietary ailments and lifestyle suggestions to prevent illness and optimise vitality.

When it comes to the core principles of Ayurveda, Jasmine Hemsley has your back. Her new book, and first solo project, East by West, is an Ayurveda inspired recipe book helping you to rebalance and heal from the inside out.


Another age-old treatment that's enjoying a revival is Cryotherapy, which uses freezing temperatures to treat join pain, skin conditions, muscle recovery and mental management amongst other things. Traditionally used by athletes, the treatment is becoming more and more common with the aim to help detoxify the body, improve sleep and boost endorphins - all ideal for a bride to experience in the lead up to her wedding day.

The chilly treatment is available at 111CRYO which boasts the first whole body electrically powered Cryotherapy chamber in the UK. Sessions take no more than 3 minutes, where your body is subject to -90°C while moving around in the Cryotherapy chamber. It may sound scary but as it's a dry cold, and you're instructed to move for the 3 minutes, the temperature is surprisingly manageable. Once the time is up you'll leave feeling refreshed, energised and your skin will be glowing.

Intravenous nutrients

Super-boosting IVs really took off in the USA a few years back, with seasoned wellness addicts booking in for a huge dose of vitamins a few times of year. Now, Brits are visiting doctors for a one of these magical-potion drips a couple of times a year – and raving about the results.

To try it, start by finding a reputable place and check your doctors’ credentials before booking. Husband-and-wife duo at Cosmebeauté on Harley street, for instance (which is where I went for my drip), have over 26 years of experience in hospitals between them. Your practitioner should talk you through the various options and ask you what benefits you’re looking for from this wellness experience. Boost your immune system, increase your energy levels, relax your muscles, improve your digestion… You name it, there’s a mix that your expert can conjure up, all ideal for feeling your best on your big day.