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10 Things Your Wedding Guests Really Care About

Because secretly they'll be hoping for these elements over any decoration or favours…

05 Dec 2018

Timings and directions

It'll be just as frustrating for you to have guests texting you every 5 minutes asking what time the ceremony is, or where they're going. So, make sure you're clear on your invites or a polite follow up email to all guests attending, including the important info. Maps are always great to send - pinpointing your ceremony location, reception venue, along with parking and transportation links, as well as timings.

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While most of your guests will enjoy any food you have chosen for your big day, there are obviously cases where allergies and dietary needs come into the equation. So ensure all of your guests let you know their dietary requirements well before the event. It's often a good idea to include on the RSVP cards, using tick boxes for meat or veggie, then a line to ask if they have any allergies or intolerances. Gluten and dairy free or vegan guests will appreciate the love.

Running order

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Have you ever been to a wedding and thought to yourself, 'what happens next?' Avoid this by letting everyone know how the day is going to run. Either with order of ceremony cards given at the start, or more couples are opting to write the schedule on wooden signs or blackboards.

A thought for the kids

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If you've decided to invite children to your wedding, your guests will appreciate a game plan for the little ones. It may be a little extra effort on your part, but when they're occupied on the day, you'll be pleased you organised something to keep them happy. Little ones love arts and craft packs where they can draw or decorate, or why not send them on a treasure hunt? You could even hire a face painter to do flowers for the girls and stars for the boys.

Thank yous

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Chances are your guests have travelled to attend your wedding, so thanking them for coming on the day is always appreciated. Family members, your bridal party and other friends that have helped out with crucial wedding day tasks should be thanked in the groom or bride's speech - and a small gift to show a token of your appreciation always goes down well! Thank you cards after the wedding are always a nice touch too, especially if you've received a gift.

Investing in drinks over the extras

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While guests ultimately won't mind if the drinks are unlimited or not, it's always nice to have it free flowing. 9 times out of 10, your guests would prefer you to ditch the favours, in order to give more budget for booze!

Fun speeches

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Everyone enjoys a heartfelt and hilarious speech, but no one likes them to ramble on… Keep all speeches to under half an hour so not to bore guests. To make things more exciting, you could leave games on the tables - guess the timings is always fun and can even encourage guests to put in a £1 stake! You can also get guest to play a drinking game - choose words like 'thank', 'friends' and 'love' and let guests pick out of a hat, then when they hear their word in the speech they drink!

Plentiful feasting

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Most weddings serve canapes and a lavish wedding breakfast - which will keep guests satisfyingly full for the most part. But after lots of drinks and dancing, your guest will never be so thankful for some late-night snacks! Easy to eat choices are best like pulled pork buns, hot dogs or pizza slices. You could even hire a food van to turn up in the evening to top it all off. Guests will love you for feeding them well!

Where to stay

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If your venue doesn't include the accommodation, guests will want to know where they can stay that is close, and a selection for all budgets. A lot of guests will want the cheapest option as they'll be spending most of the night celebrating with you, so the accommodation is just somewhere to crash at the end of it. Giving a list of local hotels, B&Bs or Air Bnb option well ahead of time will ensure guests can book in advance at good prices.

The exit

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Guests will want to know what time they need to be ordering taxis or heading to bed. While some venues may have bedrooms, others might be in the middle of nowhere where taxis are few and far between. It's definitely worth looking into transport ahead of the day, as it might be better to offer guests a minibus or coach - which can drop off at a few stops. Otherwise, encourage guests to book taxis well ahead of the finishing time.