Have you ever considered proposing to your beau? Pink, Halle Berry and Britney Spears did. So would you consider it? A national survey by John Greed Jewellery has found that a surprising number, about 20%, of British women proposed to their husbands. The survey also found that 72% of women had pressured their boyfriends into popping the question by asking them 'are you ever going to marry me?' and 'Don't you think not would be the right time to propose?' The trend appears to be a regional matter however, as women in Birmingham are more likely to propose, at a staggering 38% of them were getting down on one knee, than women in Exeter (11%) or Liverpool (only 5%). It turns out that around a quarter of men surveyed admitted that being proposed to was 'a huge turn on,' although results also showed that some men would not like to be proposed to - citing 'emasculating' as their main concern. The results make us wonder; would you consider proposing to your man? Vote now MORE NEWS FROM BRIDESMAGAZINE BEAUTIFUL WEDDING DRESS IDEAS BE INSPIRED BY REAL LIFE WEDDINGS