It's that time of the year again when one's hair is controlled by hot weather humidity, no matter how much one tries to straighten it with tools.

In NYC a couple of weeks ago, I was having a total hair mare: it was a heatwave and my long tresses were all over the place, I could hardly even get a brush through the fuzzy tangles. Can you imagine dealing with humidity halo hair on your wedding day?!

Once I was home it was time for some drastic hair action. A big chop to get rid of all those rat tail ends and a Brazilian blow-dry straightening treatment to remove that awful frizz. I guess you could call it a hair detox.

I remember doing almost the same about a month before my wedding four years ago. I had a hefty trim to give my hair some shape and a healthy swing, and several deep-conditioning treatments to make it soft and glossy. At the time, Brazilian blow-dries didn't exist - but boy if they did I've have had one in a heartbeat. Today they are in almost every good salon around the country and since I'm always up for trying new variations of the formula, I thought I'd research a new salon.

Over on Twitter there's a great community of beauty editors who share their favourite treatments and products, so thanks to Alexandra Steinherr (the beauty director of Glamour) and Newby Hands (the beauty director of Harpers Bazaar) I was convinced to visit the hairstylist Zoltan at his salon Compton Hair in Covent Garden, who tames the luscious locks of these two particularly well-groomed editrices. Alex was the first to discover Zoltan's amazing straightening skills a few years ago and assured me he could work his magic on my tired, unsightly mane.

The lovely Zoltan was completely dedicated to finding the right straightening treatment to suit my hair-type (rather than a one-fits-all approach). After a chat about how I wanted my hair to behave, he chose a fairly strong formula to remove all traces of frizz, and which would last well into autumn but would still let my hair look thick and bouncy.

The best part of the whole treatment is that he washes it out instantly, so you don't have to wait for three days marinating in it. I'm not sure why some salons insist on this - Zoltan believes the treatment acts immediately once it's ironed into the hair cuticle. And he's right. My hair is now silky and swishy without any kinks.

With this changeable summer weather, I feel absolutely confident that a rain shower won't leave my hair in a messy nest. Summer brides, this is one hair investment you won't regret. Brazilian blow-dry treatments with Zoltan start from £129; for Compton Hair in Covent Garden call 020 7240 3240; for Compton Hair in Barbican & City call 020 7253 7995 or see