Best For: Outgoing brides who like to have fun and hate exercise The skinny: This is the fun workout that has taken over the world - literally everyone is dancing their way into fighting-fit shape. The Zumba catch-line is simple: "Ditch the exercise, join the party." And join the party we did. Zumba is a Latin-dance-inspired, fast-paced aerobic dance class. The benefits are threefold; an hour of dancing will burn almost twice as many calories as running, the Latin dancing incorporates your whole body (and so targets multiple body parts and increases your endurance) and it has also been proven to make your happier. At first Zumba is exceedingly challenging; the movements are very fast and (perhaps more than anything else) you will be shocked at how much you sweat. We recommend investing in a strong deodorant. Classes take on different methods, but usually have six or eight routines taught in simple steps over the course of an hour. The perfectionist in you will want to get every step right - but with such a quick pace you will soon forget about that and start having fun. You will notice a definite improvement in your upper arms, and find that you have more stamina. Go with friends to make it even more enjoyable, but be prepared to laugh. The absolute best thing about Zumba is that it really doesn't feel like exercise! Where: Classes are literally everywhere, try to find a class near you. How much: Depends on where you go, but usually range from £6-£12 per session. MORE BRIDAL FITNESS REGIMES PRE-WEDDING FITNESS TIPS MORE FROM THE BEAUTY BLOG