One thing every single bride (and member of her bridal party for that matter!) is in need of that money cannot buy is SLEEP. Sadly, I am not about to tell you how you can buy it but I can suggest something you can purchase which may certainly help!
Otis Batterbee (loving the name) has launched a collection of sophisticated lavender-filled travel eye masks. The lavender (which is proven to aid sleep) emits a tranquil aroma and has been shown to not only help you relax in order to send you to sleep, but allow for a deeper, more effective sleep. Available in a range of colours, they have a luxurious velvet back with velvet ties to fit any head size. Lets face it there's also a bit of diva glamour in wearing a sleep mask - its got "don't you dare interrupt me, Dahling" written all over it! They are fab to take on long-haul journeys on honeymoon too.
From £30, available online at and at Fortnum & Mason and Liberty's in London.