More ideas to keep your wedding budget in check at the 11 month mark...

• Keep the numbers down: Some bands hire per musician - fewer people means less cash and fewer stomachs to feed.
• Look at the options: DJs tend to be less expensive than live bands.
• Mix it up: Hire a good sound-system and hook it up to your iPod - create playlists for the different parts of the day.
• Watch the clock: Let the party over-run and you face steep overtime charges.
• Hire amateurs: You'll pay more for those who advertise themselves as wedding bands. Look for trained amateur musicians in your area - contact music societies, colleges and even keep an eye out for great buskers!

• Keep it brief: Discuss timings and the number of shots with your photographer so you can stick to a strict timeframe.
• Get the negatives: Find a photographer who will hand over the negatives or high-resolution files so you can reprint them yourself.
• Ask for referrals: If you can't afford your favoured photographer, ask them to recommend someone else who fits the bill and budget.
• Look beyond your area: 'A photographer in Hampshire can cost around £2,000 compared to £5,000 for many London-based ones. Ask if they will travel outside their area if you pay their food and travel expenses,' says Marie Haverly at Isabella Weddings (
• Have great party pics: Leave disposable cameras on the tables at your reception and invite guests to get snapping.
• Call on friends and family: Ask guests for their photographs and video footage of your day.
• Mount your own photos: Put your wedding photo album on your gift list and fill it yourself.
• Have an online gallery: Create a wedding website (try or and ask guests to upload their photos from the day.