Ever since we heard that Justin Theroux had proposed to Jennifer Aniston there has been one question on our minds: What does the ring look like?


Finally, after months of waiting (and Jennifer successfully hiding it) we have our answer: it is huge!


The Friends star known for her understated style has been pictured in New Mexico, where she is currently filming, was seen wearing the massive (seriously massive) sparkler.

It is still unknown who designed the sparkling ring, but the eight carat emerald-cut diamond is sure to be worth millions.


We're divided about whether we like it or not at Brides HQ: does the huge rock suit Aniston's cool style, or is it actually a perfect match for her newfound happiness?

Sara Taylor, director of Taylor&Co agrees thatyour engagement ring should match your style: "A diamond can be too big! I would always look at the brides height and size of hand and advise her accordingly. Obviously large diamonds are a status symbol and shout huge budgets, but I believe in taste and I would always advise a smaller stone but  better quality".

What do you think: is Jennifer's ring too big?

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