Six months to go. Sounds like a fairly long time, doesn't it? So, why are all the B&Bs already fully booked?

B&B-gate is the stage I'm currently straddling on my stroll through the fine pastures of wedding planning.

The problem - which at the time of Wedding Date Choosing seemed like a pro not a con - is that our wedding falls on the August bank holiday.


In my mind, that meant people could take long weekends, maybe looping on a wee Scottish road trip after the wedding - I even wrote a Scottish Borders Guide for crying out loud!

But I can list the 'best places to stay' until I'm blue in the face (at least that would cover my something blue, I suppose) but it's no good if none of them have spare beds.

It turns out - so my grandmother tells me following a thorough troll through the Scottish Borders' grape vine - that there are two other weddings that weekend.

'And those are just the ones we know about,' she said, exasperated, wondering out loud how Great Aunt This and Great Uncle That would take to the thought of camping.


So, Tom and I scraped together a 'save the date' email. Very rough, I'm ashamed to say, no pretty envelope sitting in your inbox, no flock of virtual birds fluttering around your desktop when you click accept.

I will make up for it with the real invitations, I promise. Details of which are coming up, but just a hint for now - sitting at the top of my wish list is the letter S.

But for now, it's standard, run of the mill, slightly-stressed-out memos begging people to book B&Bs ASAP or else brace themselves for some soggy Scottish camping.

Unsurprisingly, a few 'sadly we can't make its' flooded in.


So, what's the moral of the story? Start planning your wedding two years in advance? They say some people do. I'm not sure I could take the wait - patience isn't my greatest virtue - but the guests might appreciate it.

The other option (and this may well be another lead balloon) is to do the wedding Chilean style. Start at 7pm and finish at 7am. No beds required. Problem solved.

Hmm, anyone fancy opening a Pop-Up Hotel in the Borders? Only needs to sleep a hundred...