That caught your attention, didn't it? Fear not, he's not getting married just yet - but he did officiate the civil ceremony of two of his male friends Seth Cummings and Rob Ridner.

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The 37-year-old Sherlock star oversaw the outdoor ceremony on Saturday night in Ibiza at the Hacienda Hotel.


In between filming the new series of Sherlock, Cumberbatch flew to the island just hours after learning he had been nominated for an Emmy Award for his part in BBC drama Parade's End. The actor has been very busy indeed, as next up for Cumberbatch is his portrayal of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange in the forthcoming film The Fifth Estate, which is set to release in October.

He seemed less than confident in his officiating skills before the ceremony, as he joked: "It's mainly a Jewish and gay audience so hopefully they'll be lenient towards me."


Yet it seems that he has successfully added another string to his bow - alongside sleuthing and playing Star Trek villains - as writer and wedding guest Julie Birchill stated that "the hotel was lush, the bridegrooms were beautiful, and the man who married them (to each other) was Benedict Cumberbatch - so yes, it was quite a blast."

He isn't the only celebrity to dabble in ceremonies, as Sir Ian McKellen announced that he was going to 'marry' Patrick Stewart on The Jonathan Ross Show in March this year. Realising that this could be taken out of context, he clarified that he was going to officiate the marriage of Stewart and his fiancée singer Sunny Ozell.


In 2010 the Forgetting Sarah Marshall  star, Jason Segel, officiated the wedding of a couple who were convinced he was the perfect man for the job. Abbe Thorner and Jason Wood bumped into Segel at a bar in Hollywood, where they asked him to do the honours. They exchanged vows on national television on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno as the official witness. (And yes, Segel wore clothes.)