Sweetie-dahling, stop what you're doing - Absolutely Fabulous: the Movie hits cinemas today and it's got all the fashion and booze-fuelled brilliance we'd hoped for.

Chris Murphy/Tuck-Box

Better still, it's inspired these fizzier-than-Bolly ideas, which are perfect for a fun wedding, hen, bachelorette or engagement party.

Chris Murphy, of Tuck-Box Cakes (www.tuck-box.com), is the man behind these seriously clever crumb creations which were served at the premiere night after-show party. Celebrating Edina and Patsy's love of cigarettes, designer labels and bubbly, celebrity guests including Kate Moss and Kylie Minogue no doubt had a giggle over them (before devouring them).


'My brief for designing these sweet treats was to ensure that everything was Absolutely Fabulous,' Chris exclusively told Brides.  'So I went for glitter, glam, and completely over the top, with lots of wearable but edible jewellery which is so much fun at parties. It gives guests something to play with and chat about, but it's still dainty enough to eat with a cocktail in hand.'

Many of Chris's ideas were inspired by specific elements of the comedy show, such as the jewellery which the character's wear. 'The wearable chocolate and vanilla biscuits hand-painted with edible diamonds and Smartie jewels were inspired by the Lacroix necklaces that Edina was famed for,' says Chris.

'The white chocolate cigarettes airbrushed with metallic colours and finished with 23-carat gold tips were designed with Patsy in mind, and the chocolate sunglasses are so very Bubbles.' 

'Edible jewellery is a winner at parties because it can be personalised and eaten - what's not to love?,' continues Chris. 'You could even use it for place names at your wedding reception. Also any edible jewellery that's gingerbread based can be kept indefinitely and even be framed for lasting fun memories.' 

We're willing to bet our last Rolo that everyone also loved the Champagne cork cake pops. 'They were actually pink inside and the sponge contained real Champagne,' says Chris.

And the vanilla and coconut marshmallows no doubt added to the fashion fabulous fun.    

We don't know about you, but we want to eat ALL OF THEM!