I'm back from a spirit-lifting skiing holiday in the Alps and this year, I promise to stick to my 10 beauty resolutions and not let them flail by the end of the month! If I keep these up, I'll be well and truly preened, polished and perfected in time for all my spring and summer wedding invites and holidays. Here it goes!

Rex Features

- I WILL use serum under my moisturiser every day to halt the ravages of central heating.

- I WILL learn to run, properly, thus shifting the flab in a productive way instead of banning all my favourite food.

- I WON'T forget to book my monthly waxing. Even though I'm married there's no excuse for hairy legs!

- I WILL use eye cream every day (not just when I'm hungover).

- I WON'T skip breakfast, because it's silly and it only makes me starving/cranky by lunchtime.

- I WILL massage my products properly into my skin, to boost circulation and tone.

- I WILL find a foundation that's sheer enough to look invisible, stops blotchiness and makes my skin look glowy. And I WILL let you know if I find it!

- I WILL exfoliate in the shower and moisturise every day, not just on the weekends!

- I WON'T wear the same make-up look every day. By springtime, I'll be a bonafide beauty chameleon.

- I WILL think more positively. I worry far too much, and my forehead is starting to show it!