It's around this time of the year that skin looks its worst, right? Everyone in the office has been crawling up to my desk begging me for skin SOS, and if you're in a complexion crisis too, here's why:

1) The environment. A normal day involves going from a warm house to the cold/snowy/rainy/windy street to a sweaty and polluted tube or bus, then back out onto the street and into a dry hot office. It sends your skin so many confusing signals, no wonder it's exhausted and thirsty.

2) Last month's excesses. It takes four weeks for deep-seated cells to travel up to the surface of your skin. What were you doing four weeks ago? Drinking, partying, over-eating and staying out all night, then suffering from a hangover and drinking too much coffee. So when you look in the mirror today, those big under-eye bags and sallow grey skin are pretty much the results over all that toxin over-indulging. Plus, when skin is vulnerable like this, it's prone to spots and blackheads.

But don't worry - it will get better. All your recent angelic behaviour (early nights in, lots of water, healthy food etc) will repay you with clear, healthy skin very soon.
In the meantime, the most important thing you can do is focus on your cleansing and dedicate a couple more minutes to it every morning and evening. This will exercise your facial muscles and tone up your skin, deep cleanse those pores and clear away dead skin cells so that your serum and moisturiser can work efficiently.

Looking to upgrade your cleanser? I urge you to invest in Emma Hardie's Amazing Face Professional Cleansing System. It's honestly the best cleanser I've ever used. The kit includes a buttery-textured Moringa Cleansing Balm that smells of orange blossom, a tiny pot of Rosehip Exfoliating Seeds (which you can add to the balm if you want a deeper clean) and a Polishing Cloth (with a muslin side to remove the cleanser and a soft microfibre side for buffing). After three days use, my skin is perky, bright and soft.

Whatever I got up to four weeks ago, I've wiped my skincare slate clean!

Emma Hardie Amazing Face Professional Cleansing System, £39 is available at and