Bar a waterproof mascara and a bottle of suntan lotion, the only beauty item I always pack for a beach holiday is a nail polish that matches the many cocktails I'll be sipping poolside and beachside.
Well hello there Eyes Wide Open and welcome to my party!
This gorgeous new shade from Jessica Cosmetics' new Daydream collection, out this month, is the best Tequila Sunrise orange I've come across this year and perfect for a hot honeymoon: it's zingy, slightly shimmery and a bit bonkers, plus it looks a-mazing on bronzed hands. I still have a penchant for Revlon's One Perfect Coral but for days when you want a 3D pearlescent sheen, this hits the spot.
Garçon, mon cocktail maintenant please!

Eyes Wide Open nail polish, £8.95. Call 0845 217 1360 for stockist or head to