This week I'm off to New York and about to face a 6 hour flight (unless Iceland tells me otherwise). Packing my on-flight beauty bag reminds me of choosing which toys to bring on holiday when I was small: I have so many adorable little friends (mini moisturisers, tiny toners), it's hard to pick what to pack for the guilt of leaving the others behind, all alone with no one to play with. But one must be ruthless and edit down the favourites, so here's who I'm taking with me:
- Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream: this wee little 15ml tube contains enough dense balm for my entire trip.
- Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster: a clear gel that feels light and clean but packs an amazing thirst-quenching punch.
- This Works Turbo Balm: for lips and nails (and to dab on the tops of cheekbones for a healthy gleam)
- Aroma Therapeutics Sleep Enhancer: a calming mist to dissolve the sound of screaming children.
- Mouthwash: courtesy of The Langham Hotel's excellent and generous bathroom amenities.
- A mini hairbrush: because groomed hair might nab me that upgrade.

Bon voyage!