Get The Brides Cover Girl Look

Get The Brides Cover Girl Look

Like our new Brides cover girl? The amazing bridal make-up artist Sarah Brock is to thank and here she takes us through her step-by-step guide so you can recreate this gorgeous natural wedding-day look at home. She's used Daniel Sandler make-up, which you can buy online at

First of all, it is important to prep your skin, so it is ready for make-up application. The skincare products I used on this shoot were by Sisley, as their products add moisture to the skin without leaving a greasy residue, which can cause make-up to 'slide off' the skin.

1) Using the base brush, apply a small amount of Daniel Sandler Re-texturising Primer to keep your make-up looking perfect for longer. Next using the Catwalk Compact, start applying your foundation in the centre of your face and blend outwards - don't forget the hairline, under the jaw and up to the lash line and the eyelids. Then, using the Perfect Canvas Foundation as a concealer, use the Concealer Brush to cover any under-eye circles or blemishes. To 'set' your base use the Contour/Powder Brush and apply the Invisible Blotting Powder to your face - 'press' the powder gently onto the skin for complexion perfection.

2) For a gorgeous glow, use two blushers - the Mineral Matte Blusher in Rose Bud is gorgeous on the outer part of your cheekbones to create definition and for the apple of your cheek (smile in the mirror for perfect placement), apply the Watercolour Blusher in Cherub. To use, shake the bottle, tap a tiny amount on the back of your hand, apply a few dots only to your skin and blend well.

3) For stunning eyes, take the Sheer Satin Shadow in shade Sunrose and apply from lash line to brow. Next, take the Matte Shadow in Tornado and using the Smudger Brush, swipe the brush on either side, tap off the excess and apply first to the contour of the eye then apply a tiny amount of the same eyeshadow to the lower lash line. To make sure it's blended well (especially in the contour), take the Blending Brush and go forwards and back, over the eyeshadow you have already applied, to make sure it is perfectly blended.

4) A big part of this look is the eyeliner. Use the Eye Love Aqua Pearl Eyeshadow in Rock Chick - apply a tiny amount to the back of your hand and using the Eyeliner Brush, swipe the brush into the product, and pull your brow up so your eyelid is smooth. Apply to your top lash line - apply thinner at the inner corner and make the line slightly thicker towards the outer corner.

5) I like to leave the lower lashes mascara-free, to avoid any smudges from tears! Top tip: test your mascara before the big day, as different mascaras work for different people. I used the Baby Jet Black Mascara after curling the lashes.

6) For Brows, I used the same Matte Eyeshadow as I used to contour the eye - I used the Daniel Sandler Brow Filler Brush (tap any excess off the brush before you apply) and gently apply the products in small strokes, as if you are 'brushing in extra hairs'.

7) For lips take the Line 'n' Lacquer in shade Baby Lips - take the liner from the end of the gloss and line the whole of the lip area. Next, take the Luxury Lipstick in shade Loveable and using the Lip Brush, apply the lipstick to your lips. Next, take the gloss from the Line 'n' Lacquer and apply the gloss to your lips using a brush.

Find out more about the Daniel Sandler Cosmetics range at

The Dorchester's Spa Treats

The Dorchester's Spa Treats

Many brides ask me what my favourite treatment or facial is, but it's a tricky question to answer because everyone's skin is different and we all seek something unique and bespoke to suit our moods let alone our skintype. I have however found one treatment that pretty much every bride across the land will fall in love with. This review from our insider guinea-pig has sold it to me!

"I was offered an opportunity to try out a new hot stone body massage at The Dorchester Hotel's spa and everything about that invite sang to me: a) I LOVE hot stone treatments as I carry tension in my back and shoulders and the smooth stones really untangle those knots, b) I hadn't been to the new spa yet and everyone keeps raving about it, and c) I had a big party to go to the following night and wanted to feel relaxed and well-postured after my manic week at work. So off I went, fingers crossed that it would be everything I'd hoped.

It was. The spa itself is so gorgeous: light and glowing (despite being underground) and very luxe with beautiful furnishing - like being in a princess's dressing room. Even the changing room was stunning, plus the robe, slippers... everything was just so lovely.

I was collected from the waiting area and led into the treatment room by my therapist who explained with great detail exactly what the treatment consisted of. In all honesty my brain had switched off by then so I nodded 'yes' at everything. The massage was heavenly: slow and gentle to start, and subsequently stronger as my muscles warmed up and relaxed. In what seemed to be a seamless, invisible movement, I could feel the hot stones in my therapist's hands and the gorgeous heat it delivered into my strained muscles. Then suddenly, a swoosh of cold water. Well, that's what I thought initially! Turns out they were fridge-cold organic marble stones used to balance out the treatment and make it even more relaxing. It felt like someone was rolling a can of freezing Diet Coke over my back but after a couple of minutes it felt incredible - unlike anything I'd experienced before.

I definitely nodded off at some points, and next thing I knew I was in the sapphire-blue relaxation room nibbling an organic cookie and sipping rose and lychee juice. I really didn't want to leave.
Not only was the treatment extremely relaxing, but the whole experience was sublime from start to finish. If I were to indulge and part with my hard-earned cash for a massage, it would definitely be here. It's not just about getting a good shoulder pummelling, it's about escaping the stress of reality for just a couple of hours and letting someone look after you for a change."

The Dorchester Spa's 'Hot and Cold Stone Therapy' is an 85min treatment priced at £160. For reservations contact The Dorchester Spa on 020 7319 7109 or email To see the Spa Treatment Menu visit

The Airbrush Foundation

The Airbrush Foundation

Oooh I do love a gadget, especially a beauty gadget so you can imagine my geeky delight when I was introduced to Luminess, the at-home foundation airbrush gun. Airbrush make-up has been around for a while, but only for professionals so this is very exciting news for beauty fanatics.
Their team came to visit the Brides office recently and we were seriously impressed: it's one of the most flawless but natural-looking foundations I've ever come across. Instead of the usual one-colour tube, Luminess foundation comes in a graffiti-style spray gun with a variety of shades so you can tweak the colour to match your skintone.
It is officially America's number 1 Airbrush make-up and was created due to the invention of High Definition television to blur our imperfections without that caked-on look. And from talking to hundreds of brides in the past and looking at our Chatroom conversations, that's exactly what you want too: clear, fresh-looking skin that doesn't look like it has a scrap of foundation on.
So how does it work? Well the gun itself looks like something out of Total Recall but trust me it's pretty easy to use and the results are stunning.
Once you've ordered your kit online with the colour family that suits you (fair, medium, tan or dark. Each family comes with 4 shades), simply add a few drops of the foundation into the gun 'barrel'. Having 4 shades means you can adjust the colour, for instance by adding a drop or two of a darker fluid for summer months. Spray a little onto the back of your hand to get to grips with the mist gun, then starting spraying your face where you need coverage in small circular motions. You can go as light or heavy as you wish and I can honestly say the effect is truly amazing. 'Seamless', 'smooth', 'clean', 'natural' and 'invisible' are the words that spread across the office as we all tried the spray gun.
What we particularly love is that the kit comes with a blusher, bronzer and highlighting fluid to add into the barrel - ideal for sculpting without a single streak or tidemark.
Once you're finished, you simply flush out the mist gun with a few drops of water.
And why is the delightful Ms Longoria Parker up here? Well she's actually wearing Luminess in this very photo so you can see firsthand the high-quality finish. It's also used on screen on Desperate Housewives, Lost and Pirates of the Caribbean and all over the red carpet for that invisible High-Def look.
The gun costs £159, which I know isn't cheap but you do get four shades of foundation, a blusher, a bronzer, a pearly highlighter plus a moisturising primer. In fact to make it even more tempting, Luminess are offering an exclusive 10 per cent off for you, the reader. All you need to do is click onto the link: (or paste it into your web browser) and 10 per cent will automatically be deducted at the checkout.
The future of foundation has arrived so get clicking and check it out for yourself.

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

I recently had a desk-visit from Davina Peace, a very inspiring and refreshing woman who has created her own eponymous range of organic bodycare and homeware products. If you're looking for something luxurious to prep your skin with for your wedding but would prefer to buy something with a conscience, this will be right up your street. Although I have to admit, at the very beginning it wasn't up mine...

I get a lot of these types of visits and I have lost count of the number of organic and natural brands that have crossed my path. They are usually made by a woman (or a husband+wife combo) over a stove in a kitchen in a pretty cottage in the countryside, because they needed a cream for their very dry skin and couldn't find anything that wasn't natural. Then their friends wanted it. Then dad gave them a bit of money and they put a label on it. Then they designed a website. That's when they come to me, and as lovely and sweet as the story sounds I'm afraid I've heard it too many times. Unfortunately these brands simply don't deliver the results needed to justify their £50+ pricetag, and (as I've had to misfortune to witness), only last a few months on a shelf in a pharmacy then get dropped and go into administration because no one is re-purchasing. The product meanwhile is on one of my pages (because I trusted their claims and thought some readers would love to discover it) but by the time the magazine arrives in the letterbox, the brand has fallen off the face of the planet and my readers are left confused. So when I was asked if I could meet Davina, you can understand why the shields were up.

Well, I'm pleased to report that Harrods have taken her on, which makes me feel confident this is a brand with long-term potential. I've also tried some of the products and they really are fantastic. I know these things are subjective, but the body cream kept my skin extremely soft all day through to the following morning, and the body oil is clearly very high quality as it sunk into my skin rather than leaving a greasy slick. The hand cream (currently number 1 on my desk) is light but quenching and the scent throughout the range is fresh, lemony, herbal and clean. It's decadent too: think chic glass bottles and jars, heavy lids and the most gorgeous packaging I've ever seen (everything comes boxed and bagged in ethical

Speaking of ethical, this is one of the brand's key USPs. Every ingredient is either organic or fair-trade and all the components of the packaging are considered, from the vegetable starch glue to seal the boxes to the recyclable jars and lids.
I particularly like Davina's organic candles. They're named after simple ideas rather than specific ingredients (like Memory 3: Spiced Punch on a Winter's Afternoon) and would work beautifully within a wedding reception depending on your theme or season. Even the wick is organic and doesn't contain that little wire thread that I've seen in many organic candles (to keep the wick straight), which ultimately burns and produces hideous carcinogens.
Without sounding contradictory, Davina's own personal story adds passion and value to her mission. You can read about it on her website: It's a really elegant website actually, which I know sounds a bit shallow but I think it's so important for a brand's reputation.
And thankfully, there isn't a stewing pot in sight.

Buy online at or from Harrods, London.