Speeches And Cake Cutting Etiquette

Speeches And Cake Cutting Etiquette
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Speeches and the cutting of the cake are at the heart of the reception and traditionally take place in the following order:

Champagne or Buck's Fizz will be passed around to all guests.

The first speech is given by the bride's father, godfather, family friend or relation. This speech introduces the bride to the groom's family, usually with praise and tender memories and ends with a toast to the couple.

The bridegroom then makes his speech, ending by thanking the guests for attending, and proposing a toast to the attendants.

The best man's speech introduces the groom to the bride's family. This speech is expected to contain funny stories about the groom. He also reads out any cards or telegrams from absent friends.

The cutting of the cake is then announced by the toastmaster or best man. The couple make the first cut together, then the cake is taken away to be sliced, before being handed out to the guests.



  • I need to make a speech at the cutting of the cake, do I do it before the cutting or after, and what do you think I should say ? thank you so much Valerie

    • Valerie Petersen
    • 24 January 2011
    • Reply
  • My father has refused to make a speech at my wedding, he says he is far too nervous and the worry will ruin his whole day. Im worried that other guests will think this is odd, and that he doesn't approve of the marriage. Not that this is the case. Id appreciate any ideas people may have on howi can manage this, as its overshadowing my enjoyment in planning the wedding at the moment.

    • Melly.D
    • 27 January 2011
    • Reply
  • Would your father be able to conquer his nerves just enough to make the first toast? He then needs only "thank everyone for attending such a beautiful day & now please join me in raising your glasses to the happy couple.." That would be sufficient & no -one would think anything of it not being a full speech. That is what my father is doing & I wrote it for him to help lessen the pressure.

    • Jane
    • 06 February 2012
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