Unsure which wedding cocktails to serve guests at your wedding reception? We teamed up with genius drinks company Holy Water to share the recipes for delicious concoctions that are going to be huge in 2018, as featured in the November/December issue of Brides.

'We scour the globe seeking out the latest trends in wedding cocktails and drinks,' says Adam McVay of Holy Water (holywaterltd.co.uk). 'We believe in creating a story that has the guest hooked before they've even taken their first sip.' Here are four of our favourite trends - cheers!

The eco-friendly one 

'We predict zero-waste menus to be big in 2018.' With recipes such as One Lemon (pictured far left), 100% of the drink is sustainably sourced, with no waste: even the napkins, glasses and straws are recyclable.


1 x lemon
Infused lemon moonshine
Homemade limoncello
Lemon juice
Lemon bitters
Dehydrated lemon
Lemon wheels
Lemon leaf
Lemon flowers
Tap water


Take the zest from the lemon, making sure you remove all the pith.

Put half the lemon zest into 350ml vodka and leave for minimum of 48 hours. That's your lemon-infused vodka sorted.

Pour 50ml of your lemon-infused vodka into a mixing glass.

With the zested lemon, cut out three skinny wheels, and with the rest, use a Mexican elbow to juice. You should have between 50/75ml juice, depending on the size and freshness of the lemon.

Add 25ml lemon Juice to the mixing glass.

Add 2 drops lemon bitters

Mix 15ml lemon juice with 4 bar spoons of sugar. Dissolve with heat if necessary and add to a mixing glass.

Add 75ml cold tap water.

Stir over cubed ice and strain into an ice-filled long glass, then garnish with 3 x dehydrated lemon wheels, lemon zest sticks, lemon leaf and lemon flower.

Superfoods are go

Cocktails that are good for you? Yep. The Beetnick Mary (pictured middle right) will keep the party rocking while you get some of your five a day. Adam says: 'With the rise in festival-style weddings, this is a great pick-me-up on the morning of or the morning after the big day.'


Ice-cold vodka
Worcestershire Sauce
Pink peppercorns
Yellow mustard seeds
Black onion seeds
IPA (Indian Pale Ale)


Pour 35ml ice-cold vodka and 15ml Mezcal into a long glass

Add 125ml pressed beetroot juice

Add 50ml clamato juice

Add to this 25ml Holy Water Magical Mary Mix (Worcestershire Sauce, grated horseradish, lemon juice, pink peppercorns, toasted yellow mustard seeds, toasted black onion seeds, smoked salt, smoked paprika, Sriracha and green jalapeños)

Garnish with cubed ice, a lemon wedge, celery salt around the rim and rainbow chard.

All locally foraged

'We are expecting to do more foraging around venues for ingredients. Couples love the idea and it nearly always tastes better, due to the freshness.' Got nettle and blackberries to hand? Try a Get Oorf My Land (pictured far right). 

50ml Foragers gin
15ml elderflower cordial (ideally homemade)
15ml rosehip syrup (ideally homemade)
6 peppermint leaves
8 lemon balm leaves
20 manuka leaves
8 nettle leaves
1 teaspoon of bee pollen
60ml tap water
Garnish with 1 blackberry and an edible flower


Pour the gin into a long glass

Add the peppermint, manuka, nettle and lemon balm leaves

Lightly mix and then add the rosehip syrup and elderflower cordial

Fill the glass with cubed ice and churn all the ingredients

Add the water and finish with the garnishes

Kombucha and fermentation

Lab-developed cocktails add drama. 'Kombucha is made from tea and sugars, then fermented using a Scoby (a colony of bacteria and yeast). Hence the Scoby One Kinobe! (Pictured middle left.)

50ml bourbon (Holy Water recommend Wild Turkey)
5ml pressed ginger juice
1 teaspoon manuka honey
10ml lemon juice
15ml Sangue Morlacco cherry syrup
2 dashes Abbott's Bitters
75ml blackberry kombucha
Dehydrated pineapple and dried hibiscus flowers


Put all the ingredients except the kombucha into a cocktail shaker and fill with cubed ice

Shake for 5 seconds

Strain into a chilled Martini glass or old-school Champagne saucer

Top with the kombucha and garnish with dehydrated pineapple and dried hibiscus flowers.