It's one of the most asked questions by brides-to-be: how do you make sure you look good in all your wedding photos, and guarantee your wedding album is something you'll love for years to come? On your big day you're going to be photographed all day from all manner of angles. From long from posed group shots to candid photographs, there's an art to making sure you look good in all your wedding photos. To help you look your very best in every single wedding photo, we've put together a list of five things to keep in mind (read: at the front of your mind!) when having your photos taken on your wedding day. Read, learn, and commit to memory...

Albert Palmer Photography


1. Before the big day, practice posing for your photographs in the mirror. Yes, really! A-listers have been doing this for years: find your best angles, practice your smile and work out which angle of head-tilt works for you. If you are worried about anything, how you're going to smile, which side of your face you prefer (trust us, most people have a 'best side') or which body angles you like, just practice!

2. Remember your make-up will need to be a little heavier than usual - not only so you look flawless all day but also because natural light can be unforgiving and quite harsh so you may need a little extra coverage. And, don't forget to have your bridesmaids on standby for any quick hair or make-up touch-ups you feel you need.


3. Don't be afraid to strike a pose - especially for the group shots. Flattering on everyone is the classic pop of the hip combined with one bent leg - it creates a slight curve to body. If you're conscious of your arms, try putting one hand on your hip or slightly behind you - avoid having your arms flat to your sides. To look taller and slimmer, angle your body so it's not straight on to camera and keep one shoulder to slightly forward. To prevent a double chin effect - the best wedding photographers will shoot from above the eye level and ask you to tilt your head slightly to the side.

4. Smile! As silly as it sounds, a smile can really make a picture. Try not to overthink the process and just be yourself - your happiness will translate in the photos.

5. Most importantly: be in the moment! Laugh, smile and chat to people. The cameras will be clicking all day regardless, so try to forget about them: natural pictures make for amazing memories.