New Wedding Cake Trend: Sugar & Spice

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New Wedding Cake Trend: Sugar & Spice

Sugar and spice  ...and all things delicious. This year, ditch the trad vanilla sponge and choose a wedding cake with unusual favours (cardamom, black tahini or cinnamon, anyone?)


(From left) Black sesame, cherry and hibiscus tart, £5, Antique silver vessel and dish, £2, to hire, Pear, almond and cardamom cake with salted caramel buttercream, £585 (serves 130), Rose, pistachio and cardamom cake, £80 (serves 28), Charger plate, £2, to hire, Black tahini and honey cake, £112 (serves 28), Cake stand, £125, Pistachio and rose bundt cake, £65 (serves 18), Charger plate, £2 to hire, Rhubarb and rosemary crumble cake with rhubarb curd and orange and cinnamon sponge, £162 (serves 36), Cake stand, £3, to hire, Antique cake slice, £2.50, and white linen, to hire, Red roses, £4 per stem, Candles, 50p each, 


How To Cut A Wedding Cake

How To Cut A Wedding Cake

Cutting the wedding cake is hotly anticipated by newlyweds and guests alike, but when should it be taking place? As the last formal moment of your big day, convention suggests that at a lunch or dinner reception, wedding cake should be cut before dessert. If your reception is an evening or cocktail affair, it is expected that the cake will be cut once you and your new spouse have welcomed the guests. Wedding etiquette tip: ask your toastmaster or the best man to announce the beginning of the cake cutting ceremony. Make sure everyone is gathered for the cutting ceremony, and take the time to ensure all the necessary photos have been taken. Remember to speak to your wedding photographer beforehand on how you would like the actual cutting to be captured.

Traditionally, the knife used for wedding cake cutting is silver-plated or engraved in some way, so it can be kept as a memento by the happy couple. If your cake is tiered, it makes sense to cut into the bottom one first, while the top tier is saved for you to enjoy later. Convention dictates that you hold the knife while your groom places his hands over yours: this is because wedding cakes were once made from extremely hard frosting, confectionary so tough that it was necessary for the groom to step in and provide some muscle! However, having your hands enclosed by your man's is also a symbol of the support and guidance he promises to give you, his new wife. Once this is done, your catering staff will take over (phew!) and finish cutting the rest of the cake, leaving you to let your hair down and enjoy your first evening as a married woman.


So, what's the best way to go about cutting a wedding cake, according to its shape? When cutting a round cake, we suggest you take the bottom tier first and slice a circle two inches from the outer edge. Then work your way around this ring making vertical cuts one inch apart from one another. Repeat this procedure on the rest of this tier, and then on the remainder of your cake. If you have a square wedding cake, begin by cutting the entire length of your bottom tier horizontally in two inch increments. To finish off the slices, make vertical cuts one inch apart, and repeat on the rest of your cake.

The top tier of the wedding cake was conventionally frozen by couples so it could be saved for the christening of the first child. Today, many couples still choose to save some of their cake to share with one another on their first anniversary, or other special occasion such as New Year's Eve and Valentine's Day. Alternatively, you and your new husband could share the top tier at the end of the big day, and order another delight from the same baker to commemorate your one-year anniversary.


It's customary to send a slice of cake to the guests who couldn't make it to your wedding day. Cutting the cake also marks a time in the day when it is thought appropriate for your guests to make an early departure, should they wish to. (Read: "you can't go yet, they haven't cut the cake")

In fact, some people consider it bad luck for a guest to leave the wedding reception without eating any cake. Another old superstition states that if a single woman leaves a piece of wedding cake under her pillow, she will dream of the man she will one day marry. Whether it's true or not, in the morning, she'll definitely find a cakey mess on her bedsheets!

The Wedding Colour Of 2017? This Green!

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The Wedding Colour Of 2017? This Green!
Green Wedding Invitations | Cake, Table Settings & MoreGreen Wedding Invitations | Cake, Table Settings & MoreGreen Wedding Invitations | Cake, Table Settings & MoreGreen Wedding Invitations | Cake, Table Settings & More

The Best Wedding Hacks We Learnt From Pinterest

The Best Wedding Hacks We Learnt From Pinterest
Pinterest Worthy Wedding Ideas - Pinterest Wedding HacksPinterest Worthy Wedding Ideas - Pinterest Wedding HacksPinterest Worthy Wedding Ideas - Pinterest Wedding HacksPinterest Worthy Wedding Ideas - Pinterest Wedding Hacks

We all want our wedding day to look so well put-together, that it's deemed as Pinterest-worthy. But how do you get that dream Pinterest-worthy wedding look on a budget? We've scoured our favourite mood-board-making site for ideas - and the answers. Because Pinterest isn't just for the perfect inspiration images - it's also for finding the how-to's to do it, too...

Make Your Own Confetti

If you want guests to only use natural confetti (many venues now even insist on it), then instead of forking out for expensive pre-made packs, opt for your own dried rose petals or get crafty with some cheap cutters and dried leaves.

Collecting Your Something Old

Hiring vintage style drinks glasses can be pricey, so if you've got some time before your wedding - start collecting! Mismatched looks lovely, so don't be afraid to find various sizes and shapes either at local boot fairs, charity shops, or on sites like ebay or shpock.
{image: Cripss Barn vintage glasses}

DIY Photo Booth Backdrops

If you want something a bit more special than a plain backing to your wedding days snaps, make your own! Our favourites include floral garlands (which add to the feel of the venue too), a ribbon curtain in your colour theme, or a macramé hanging - which gives a really bohemian feel, perfect for rustic style venues.

Keeping Kids Entertained

If you're inviting little ones to your big day, they might be the last thing you might be thinking of when it comes to table dressing. But with this pretty Pinterest hack, you can keep them entertained (less tantrums is only a good thing), as well as making your tables look lovely. Dedicate a children's table and fill individual jars with colouring pencils, sweets and games.

Budget Friendly Centerpieces
Who knew mason jars could look so good?! Team with pretty florals and candles for a beautifully set up centerpiece, that will look as impressive as any huge flower decoration. Choose clear with silver or gold tops for classic styling and add ribbon to suit your theme.

All In The Details
Ever wondered how those Pinterest weddings look so good? It's all in the styling. Take inspiration from Style Me Pretty and find some vintage trays to use with pretty much anything. These look stunning underneath invites and rings for the photo album and to serve your wedding cocktails {link} for Pinterest-worthy wedding pics.