Natalie Benes, 29, married Anthony Chudleigh, 33, at Boconnoc House & Estate, Lostwithiel in Cornwall, on 16 August 2014. She says:

"We actually met in the arrivals lounge at Alicante Airport. We were on the way to a mutual friend's villa in Spain and Anthony booked a different flight to the rest of his friends - the rest is history!

The first thing we decided on was the venue - it was perfect for the informal, yet charming day we were hoping for. Plus our first visit was in a torrential thunderstorm; even in the awful weather it looked amazing.

My parents are Czech and, instead of the conventional marzipan wedding cake, my mum and aunt baked hundreds of traditional Czech pastries with different toppings.

Friends and family were keen to help - in the end they collected over 300 jam jars for the reception. We filled them with tealights and placed them around the stable yard.

The hardest thing to source were the bridesmaid dresses - I couldn't find any styles that I actually liked. After a lot of searching, I eventually found them on Asos.

We scattered flowers and foliage across the tables; we didn't want tall arrangements obscuring guests' views of each other!

We opted for canapés instead of starters to make sure everyone got the chance to chat and mingle in the courtyard. This gave us the space to go large on the mains: a lamb dish with a delicious parsnip and rosemary crust.

My top tip: Comb through the finer details in good time before the wedding, but on your actual wedding day, make sure you take off your planning hat and enjoy every second!"

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