Sophie Cousens, 32, married Tim Ridgway, 30, at Dillington House, Somerset, in July 2013. She says: 'I wanted to have a fun, fancy-dress wedding that was still elegant - I find traditional weddings too formal. Luckily Tim loves dressing up as much as I do!

Each of the guests was given a different theme - the bridal party was 'the birds and the bees.' I was a white peacock with blue peacock bridesmaids and Tim dressed as a bee, with his best man as a beekeeper.

Each table also had a theme. For the 'Fairytales' one, I made a tiny gingerbread house as a centrepiece.

We were careful to have a classic venue, beautiful flowers and a stunning cake made by my mum so the day wouldn't look tacky. It felt like a magical dream.'

Photography by Helen Abraham;