Heather Ruscoe, 25, married Lincoln Hilton, 23, on Oahu's North Shore in Hawaii on 25th September 2014. She says:


Our venue was the hardest thing to source. I looked at nearly every property, boat and yacht in Hawaii, but everything was either unsuitable or too expensive. Then we found the stunning Hale Ohana O Kekai resort.

We wanted a 'Marie Antoinette meets rural romance' theme. We kept our palette elegant with gorgeous white flowers, while the natural woods and dark leaves of Hawaii's tropical landscape provided the rustic touch.

Lincoln and I greeted our guests at the airport with fresh orchid leis (traditional Hawaiian necklaces) and welcome bags. Inside were chocolates, seashell necklaces, a tiki (a wooden statue of a Polynesian god) and an itinerary. 

On the day, Lincoln surprised me with a scrapbook made up of photos and items from over the past five years.

We had our first dance in water! I love dancing but Lincoln hates it -  we thought we'd take the pressure off by swaying in the water rather than having to learn any complicated steps.

My top tip: Take time to spend time together the night before - it also helped us to not stress too much on the day.