Chelsea Lee, 31, married Gareth Loy, 32, at Castle Leslie Estate, Co. Monaghan, Ireland, on 19 July 2014. She says:

I'm from North Dakota in the USA, while Gareth's from Northern Ireland. We met after graduating from medical school in Michigan - he asked for my number and the rest is history!

We wanted to marry at a country estate that had its own stables (I'm a keen horse rider). We each did our own research and separately came up with Castle Leslie in Co. Monaghan. We saw it as a sign and ended up paying the deposit before even visiting the venue.

I wanted the wedding to look super romantic but with a glamorous feel. We used lots of blushes, ivories and pale pinks with gold accents. Guests were served champagne in antique coupes, and afternoon tea in vintage teacups.

We both love elephants and so tried to incorporate them throughout the day, from the little gold card holders to the cake toppers. We encouraged guests to take the small elephants home at the end of the evening to remember the day by.

My biggest extravagance? My wedding outfit - I spent three times what I'd intended. Do I regret it? No way!

My top tip: Plan ahead! I had wanted to put together welcome baskets for all the American guests, with details of the venue etc. but ended up running out of time because I was so busy. 

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