Designer and founder of Daughters of Simone, Brit Castanos, 29, married Jeff Osborne, 29, in a remote meadow in California, USA, on 15 August 2015. She says:

One of Jeff's and my favourite things to do, on a free weekend, is to go camping. One trip we discovered a remote meadow - anyone who's discovered a clearing on a hike will know - it's a magical experience. When we got engaged we both went straight to work looking for our wedding meadow oasis.

My mom is an amazing gourmet cook so I thought it would be so special if she made our wedding cake. She whipped together an incredible goat cheese cake with fig topping, and adorned the cake with our wedding flowers.

Jeff and I both agreed that the sit down dinner was our least favourite part of every wedding we went to. We figured we'd ring a dinner bell of sorts and let our guests decide when they wanted to hit the buffet table and where they wanted to sit.

Since many of our friends camped with us all weekend long we laid out each tent with a picnic basket full of camping inspired items, including artisan cheeses, hankies, vintage coffee mugs and an adult colouring book with pens.

There was plenty to see and do, be inspired by for our guests Whether they wanted to dance, drink, eat, play lawn games, create, or just relax in a hammock it was theirs to do.

We wanted an air of sentimentality to our day so we gave individual speeches at the reception, wrote our own vows and made a short montage of video clips from our backpacking trips which played on mute during our first dance.

We never felt the need to cater to tradition or family pressures. Although we had set up a basic timeline for things to happen, the most important thing for us was that the weekend just flow. No strict formalities, no rules.

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Brit designed her own gorgeous wedding dress and gowns for her bridesmaids; for more information about her bridal designs, visit