Jane Walsh, 30, married Westley Thurley, 34 at St Stephen's Trust in Rosslyn Hill, London, in May 2012. She says:

"We chose a London theme as we were both born there.

The seating plan was made from an Underground map, while each table was named after a Tube station and had London bus and tax salt and pepper shakers.

Our menu was written in Cockney rhyming slang - we had 'Charlie Drake and Greasy Lips' (fillet steak and chips) - and the cakes, which were made by my mum, were decorated with images of the London skyline.

Our guests arrived on a Routemaster bus, we had a fake postbox where guests could 'post' their wedding cards and we hired a Pearly King and Queen to act as toastmasters."

Photography by Nazarin Montag; www.nazarin.com