Love was in the air, quite literally, at the wedding of Glamour features editor Corrie Jackson, 29, and 29-year-old investment banker James Butcher, when a heart-shaped air display provided a dramatic end to their drinks reception. 'We were all out on the lawn at Brocket Hall when four planes appeared in the sky,' explains Corrie. 'The display finished with two planes drawing a smoke heart. My dad's hobby is flying, but I still don't know how he arranged it.' And that wasn't the only surprise. During dinner, one waiter burst into song, then another, then another, culminating in all three on stage singing Nessun Dorma. 'The singing waiters were brilliant - everyone was on their feet waving their napkins,' says Corrie. 'It was one of the highlights of the day.

'My most precious memory, however, is the moment I realised how meaningful the ceremony was. You lose that a bit in all the reception planning,' she says. 'At the rehearsal, I couldn't stop laughing. My father had to take me aside and tell me to take it more seriously. But on the day, when I stood there in this huge dress taking the vows for real, I was amazed at how overwhelming it was and how much it really means to me.'