Esther Ramsay, 29, married Jamie McLuckie, 28, at Fogo Kirk Church in Berwickshire, Scotland, on 19 July 2013, followed by a reception at Jamie's parents' house. She says:

For us, a wedding is such an intimate occasion, where else could you have it but home? It also allowed us total creative freedom with the garden-party feel we wanted.

Family is really important to us and we wanted to ensure everyone was involved in our day. My brother and his wife made the cake, while Jamie's mum, who works in catering, created an amazing three-course meal with Berwick crab, roast chicken and mini sweets.

My mum made the bridesmaids' dresses with silk bought from John Lewis. It was important to me that the girls felt good in what they were wearing - a couple of them never wear pink, so I searched and searched for a shade to suit them all. On the day, they looked amazing, even better than I'd imagined.

I bought bed linen at a charity shop and turned it into bunting. I also made pompoms, which my cousin hung from the marquee roof. We had vintage crockery on all the tables that my in-laws spent months sourcing from various markets - Jamie's gran also gave us a few sets.

Guests were able to help themselves to the favours - traditional sweets including Berwick Cockles [red-and-white-striped boiled sweets]. The colours tied in with our theme, which we both joked was 'vintage shabby chic'.

We bought a Salmanazar-sized [nine-litre] bottle of Veuve Clicquot champagne for our toast. All of our friends and family signed the bottle and it's now a lamp in our house.

My top tip: Money is one of the biggest stresses, so find practical ways to do things yourself.

Photography by Lee Scullion;